About Us

Welcome to The Chic Shop Co.!

We're so glad you're here! Before you go further there are a few things you should know! We love to entertain, we love life and crave relationship. We love love and find ourselves happiest when our home is filled with dear friends who we are in deep relationship with.

We believe in expressing yourself through personal style and design choices. Be bold, stand out, or just put that saying on your shirt and you don't have to say a word. If you spark a conversation or make a new friend you've done something to better the world.

The Chic Shop Co. was started in 2015 via a small home office and a dream. Tori, our founder wanted a way to provide a service to brides who were wanting something more elegant and attainable for their weddings. The shop started as a provider of wedding stationery and has grown since to provide beautiful curated products for women who go from bride to mother! We hope you can find something here that will speak to you and add some joy to your life!